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Homestyle Indian Tiffin at Unbeatable Prices in Brampton

Delight in the comfort of home-cooked Indian meals with our convenient tiffin service, available for pickup at Kesar Sweets & Restaurant. Each day, we offer a diverse menu of freshly prepared vegetarian dishes, allowing you to choose your favorites to tailor your meal just the way you like it. Our daily selections feature a variety of traditional Indian vegetables, each cooked to perfection with a blend of aromatic spices that bring out the true essence of Indian cuisine. Along with these savory vegetables, our tiffin includes five soft, freshly-made rotis, perfect for a wholesome and satisfying meal. Ideal for those who appreciate the taste of homemade food but may not have the time to cook, our tiffin service offers a delicious, convenient, and affordable solution. Simply select your preferred dishes from our daily menu, pick up your tiffin from our restaurant, and enjoy the flavors of India wherever you go!
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How our Tiffin Service Works

  • Check Our Daily Menu

    Visit our restaurant to see today's vegetarian dish options.

  • Choose Your Vegetables

    Pick your favorite two vegetarian dishes from the daily menu.

  • Include Rotis

    Your tiffin will automatically come with five freshly made rotis.

  • Place Your Order

    Order at the restaurant for your customized tiffin.

  • Pick-Up Your Tiffin

    Stop by our restaurant at the designated time to collect your delicious meal.

  • Enjoy Your Meal

    Relish the authentic flavors of homemade Indian cuisine wherever you prefer.

  • Repeat!

    Come back daily for new dishes and more delightful tiffin experiences.